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Hawaii Film Board Display

Film Board Display Setup Film Board Display Setup Film Board Display Setup

Film Offices of The
Hawaiian Islands
Honolulu, Hawaii
First Place Ribbon
This display won First Place in the Hollywood Film Industry's
Locations Trade Show.

About the Film Offices of the Hawaiian Islands

The Film Offices of the Hawaiian Islands, organize and govern all professional film and television production in Hawaii. From Magnum PI to Jurassic Park, the Film Offices make it happen.

About their Display

Hawaii Film Board Display During Production

The Film Offices of the Hawaiian Islands chose a custom 20' Panelflo display to create a backlit photo mural featuring the beauty of Hawaii.

This system is portable, allows our clients to easily change graphics and can be set up in a 10' configuration for smaller shows.

The display also includes curved podiums covered with natural bamboo (pictured at the top of this page) to create a Hawaiian feel. These podiums provide storage and work areas. As a finishing touch, our client added floral arrangements from the islands to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The display design, graphics, and initial set-up services in Los Angeles, California were all provided by Display Managers.


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