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The Expression pop-up display system is the most innovative pop up design in twenty years! Display Managers is proud to offer this new advance in pop-up displays.

The Expression's unique design eliminates fragile and awkward connectors. This pop-up display has incredible modular capabilities allowing you to link frames, create counters, add backlit murals and incorporate showcases. Expression offers modular design options never before available in a pop-up display.

Expression may be the only pop-up frame with a lifetime warranty that you may never need to use.

The Ascend is our new and exciting display concept. The self-contained, patent-pending design does not require any loose parts and allows the graphic to be displayed at any height, maximizing flexibility. The 68" and 52" widths provide you with a wider presentation area than any competing "roll-up" banner stand.

Ascend can be set up in less than 30 seconds...Just unlatch the anodized aluminium carrying case and pull up your graphic. That's it! Use multiple units to create a graphic backwall for your next show or presentation...

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The ShowMax is the newest addition to our range of portable displays. It is a fully self contained table-top display with lights that makes set-up, break down and transporting extremely easy and worry free.

The Ascend Is our new innovative banner display that allows maximum flexibility and a huge graphic area.

The ShowStyle is our briefcase size mini display that can be taken on airplanes as carry-on luggage.

The Affordable-1 is our economical and easy-to-use tabletop display.

The Fastpack is our most popular display system. This lightweight modular panel display can be set up as a tabletop or full-size display. The Fastpack's flexibility, durability and ease of use makes it the first choice for many of our clients.

The Expression is our revolutionary pop-up system. This truly modular display allows you to link frames, create back lit murals and install counters and showcases.

Our Panelflo system combines the lightweight engineering, compact portability and economy of a portable display with the modularity, structural capabilities and finish options of a high cost custom modular display.

The BrandStand is our unique retractable banner display that is extremely simple to use. The Magicpak goes from carrying case to freestanding display in less than 60 seconds. The Magicpak's graphic size is 33.5" by 80".


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