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Tips and Tricks

    When choosing your display...

  • When picking out fabric colors, make sure that one side of your display is covered in a neutral (usually grey or black) fabric color. That way you have a maximum amount of flexibility when creating your graphics presentations.

  • Choose a display with the maximum ease of set-up and the minimum amount of loose parts. This eliminates a lot of headaches and extra expenses down the road.

    When planning your display...

  • The majority of your time and effort should go into your graphics planning. Take your time. Get help from us at Display Managers. If you rush your graphics, your end result will suffer.

  • Plan your display as if you were planning a magazine ad. Don't try to put too much information up. Choose a central image or theme and work around it.

  • Check out your competition. Make notes about the things that you like and dislike about their displays. Use these ideas when planning your display.

    When using your display...

  • Laminate the instruction sheet that comes with your display. Keep it in the case with your display. Make sure everyone who might ever use the display has read and understands the instructions.

  • Show up for your function early. Have a cup of coffee and relax. Take your time setting up your display. After your show, take your time breaking down your display. Most displays are damaged by improper handling during set up and break down. In addition, talking with fellow exhibitors before and after the show is a great way to develop contacts.

  • Have a lot of competition at your show? Spice up your display with a floral arrangement or two. Bring a little bit of Hawaii's beauty to your booth. It really works!


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